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Treasured by the Dragon (Stonef - Jessie Donovan


Staff member
Feb 14, 2020

Treasured by the Dragon (Stonef - Jessie Donovan
epub | 228.47 KB | English | Isbn:B087SNDV84 | Author: Jessie Donovan | PAge: 165 | Year: 2020


If someone had told Dawn Chadwick that she'd be attending a play put on by children on a dragon-shifter's land a year ago, she would've said they were mad. However, her daughter Daisy has slowly worn Dawn down about her prejudices and she ends up volunteering to help with the play. She's to assist a recluse dragonman with the special effects. What she didn't count on was her daughter's meddling.

Blake Whitby prefers working in a lab to being around people. He's a rare white dragon with a black spot, and the attention from a young age has made him hide from others. However, he's always had a weakness for children and agrees to help them with their play. What he didn't count on was meeting a beautiful human with a sense of humor and a heart-warming smile. His dragon wants her, but Blake holds back. At least until two kids make holding back impossible.

While Dawn agrees to the mate-claim frenzy with Blake, there's no guarantee their pairing will work. And when Dawn's family threatens her happiness, Blake has to stand by his mate and fight for the family he never knew he wanted.

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