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The truth will set You free - Penny Anglene


Staff member
Feb 14, 2020

The truth will set you free - Penny Anglene
epub | 233.67 KB | English | Isbn:B08BW9FB8J | Author: Penny Anglene | PAge: 118 | Year: 2020


Dog has a lot to atone for. After repeatedly withholding information from Samantha, she has finally given up on him. He realizes what he needs to do, but giving anyone that kind of power over him frightens him. All he knows is he needs to show her she will always be first in his life; he just doesn't know how. Then he finds out information about her father that puts him in a precarious position. Will she come first?
Samantha is afraid of being left alone. She's tired of putting herself out there only to be slapped back down again. Can she overcome these feelings enough to forgive Dog; or will she live a life of loneliness? He's what she has always wanted and needed, but without trust, it won't work. Life suddenly takes a very unexpected turn. What does that mean for her?

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