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Hot Dish (Lost and Found Book 4 - Elizabeth Lynx


Staff member
Feb 14, 2020

Hot Dish (Lost and Found Book 4 - Elizabeth Lynx
epub | 235.6 KB | English | Isbn:B088QLM88Z | Author: Elizabeth Lynx | PAge: 169 | Year: 2020


Ever been rescued from a cave full of bears by a hot billionaire? I was, and let me tell you, it's not as sexy as it sounds.

Chloe Angrov had one thing going for her: she liked to bake. And she was good at it. Having just opened her own bakery in her tiny mountain town, she knew people would flock to it as they always loved her baked treats.

But no one came.

What's a bakery owner to do? Give up? Never. She didn't run when her hero, the man who rescued her from bears, broke her heart. And she wouldn't walk away now. Not even when that hero moved in down the block and seemed to be the only person enjoying her cookies.

Konrad Love was a big-city billionaire. His life was filled with excess, women, and flashy everything. Then he stumbled into a cave and helped the young woman out. Talk about an ego boost. Only it wasn't. Not when he ended up peeing on the bear. And a few other things he did that he wanted to forget.

Now he was the laughingstock of that small town and hated by the feisty woman who saw his backside. After buying the town's rundown inn and deciding to fix it up, he realized he didn't know how to hammer a nail. He had to prove to her, to the town, he wasn't crazy.

How's the town billionaire supposed to mend a broken building while winning over the woman who hates his guts?

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